Which one is better? Adding A record or add DNS

I have a domain with namecheap. com

I have setup server now want to point the domain to server.

I found i can do that adding A record with IP address in domain name account.
I can add DNS provided by the linode to replace the domain register's DNS.

My question is which option is better?
Please advice.

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Selecting a DNS provider that's right for you depends on quite a few factors, including performance, uptime/reliability, and convenience. While I can't speak for Namecheap, I personally think that Linode nails all 3 of those! For metrics on performance and uptime, I recommend checking out DNS Perf. Here are a few direct links:

Performance Metrics
Quality/Uptime Metrics

As for convenience, Linode's DNS Manager allows you to add and modify DNS settings directly within the tools you might use to manage your Linodes. Here are a few ways to edit your DNS settings:

Linode Manager: DNS Manager
Cloud Manager: DNS Manager
API Documentation

To get started using our DNS Manager, you can follow one of the two guides above. Essentially, you'll want to first add your domain zone within Linode, configure your DNS records, and then update your name servers at Namecheap to use ours. Keep in mind that it may take up to 24-48 hours for any DNS changes to fully propagate.

Thanks for your reply. I have added linode dns to my domain.


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