[RESOLVED] How do I rebuild from StackScript in the new Linode Cloud Manager?

One of the features I liked in the old Linode Manager was the ability to not only build from a StackScript, but rebuild from one. I don't see this ability in the new Linode Cloud Manager.

Did I simply miss seeing it somewhere? (I did look several times, but perhaps I still missed it.)

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I've double checked and there's not an option to do so that I can find. However, that's a great idea. I'll bring it to the attention of the team here so we can keep it in mind for future Cloud Manager updates.

Thanks for the consideration.

In case it helps, here's my use case --

A lot of people use configuration management tools. I use Puppet, but of course others like Chef or Ansible probably could run into the same situation.

When using these tools, you want to have Linode able to quickly deploy servers. To that end, I've built a Stack Script that simply sets hostname, downloads the Puppet Agent DEB/RPM file and installs it, then calls a Puppet run. (We don't install the repository at this stage, because Puppet itself deploys a module that manages that and keeps the Puppet Agent up to date.)

When we develop a new server configuration, after building it, we will go through the process of blowing away the server and re-deploying it, to be sure the whole configuration out of Puppet works. Additionally, on our development systems, we allow devs to have a free hand with configuration at times, in ways that can make the server configuration unstable. Being able to re-deploy these servers back to their stock configuration is an important thing.

This is a significant loss of functionality. I ask that it be a priority to add the ability to rebuild from a stackscript.

Would be really helpful when developing new stackscripts especially.

+1 for this feature request.

If you need an alternative, rebuilding from a StackScript is supported in the Linode CLI today:

linode-cli linodes rebuild $LINODE_ID --image linode/debian9 --root_pass --stackscript_id 10079 --stackscript_data '{"gh_username":"dorthu"}'

This example rebuilds a Linode using this StackScript (which installs keys from a github account to the root user - replace the '10079' with your StackScript ID). The "--stackscript_data" block must be well-formed JSON (in this case the script requires "gh_username", the github user whose keys should be installed). To view required fields for a StackScript with the CLI, you can run this:

linode-cli stackscripts view 10079 --format 'user_defined_fields'

You can also specify any "--image" your StackScript supports - to see a list of allowed images, you can run this:

linode-cli stackscripts view 10079 --format 'images'

@csmarketing @skoranda @eyesoreinc @andydrizen Just to update you all, we're currently working on implementing the ability to rebuild from StackScripts and should have it available in Cloud Manager soon.

UPDATE: We've updated Cloud Manager to include the rebuilding Linodes from StackScripts. Thanks everyone for the feedback on this, and let us know if you have any more suggestions at feedback@linode.com.


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