After datacenter outage, my linode is unable to be reached.

About 3 hours ago we received an emergency support message stating in the TX Datacenter there was a physical issue with the server and so it'll be down and there is no ETA.

About 20 minutes later, received a message stating all is fixed and all I should do is reboot and all should be okay.

Well, 3 hours later it is still not okay. Server is able to be reached via SSH with no issue but the outside world can not reach server.

Server has been up for months with ZERO issues and we held pride in that. Everything was working flawlessly until this datacenter issue.

Nothing has changed on our end with any configuration etc.

Reaching out to support has not resulted in any reply back in hours besides that everything is okay message.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Hey there, apologies for any frustration on the response time for this. Given that you're able to SSH into your Linode, it sounds like there is some internal configuration issue at root here, and we'd need more information on the nature of the issue (error messages, log files, etc.) in order to get a handle on what the problem is. Towards that end, you may find this post on checking log files helpful.


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