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I am looking for a backup solution that would allow me to keep daily backups of my Linode and allow me to restore them to a running Linode fairly easily. Basically the pay feature but better … Because:

Today my Linode randomly(?) "crashed" due to some sort of Ubuntu networking issue. It was not reachable via ssh, http, etc. for about three hours. During this time the Linode backup service executed a backup (which is outside of my backup window) and over-writed my most recent backup, only leaving me with a backup 1 week old and a backup 2 weeks old. Seems like a flaw that we cannot have more than one daily backup (not including the named backup).

Any ideas? Thanks

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Greetings @Brian,

Generally speaking it's good to have a "backup for your backup" when creating a Disaster Recovery Plan.

One way to accomplish this would be to store the daily backup off-site. SSH and cron tabs could do the trick. Here is it could be done:

  1. Deploy a Linux Server off site. This could be done locally or with another hosting provider.

  2. Follow this guide to transfer the image via SSH.

  3. Once that is good to go, write a script so it does not have to be done manually.

  4. Once the script is tested and working, you can create a cron job on the Linode - to do this every day. It'd be best to do this during off hours.

In your case, the cron tab would look like this:

$ 1 0 \* \* \* /$your-ssh-copier-script

The cron tab would run everyday at 12:00AM (1 0).

I hope that helps. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to let us know.


@pambrosky thank you for the suggestion. That guide says that Rescue Mode is required to do the backup. Would that be the case each time? Nevertheless thanks for the suggestion, I will have to do some digging and asking around to figure out how to automate this… it is a bit above my skill level.

Any reason that Linode only allows the backup service to store one daily and/or not let us download the backups manually from the gui? That would be a slick feature.

Any chance the networking issue message in the dashboard was
Network Helper did not run: could not determine distribution or distribution version ?

I'm still through that same problem. The disk is ok and can be accessed on rescue mode via sftp, so if you haven't already overwrite the disk backup, you might still be able to recover that week worth of new content from it.


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