How do I change folder permissions?

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I'm looking to change the permissions for a folder. How do I do this?

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You can change folder permissions using the "chmod" command. An example of the command is the following:

chmod 744 /home/my_folder

This example gives read, write, and execute permissions for the user account. This also grants read permissions for the "group" and "global" accounts. Providing the "-R" option to this command would also change the permissions for the folder and all the contents under it.

We also have a guide that can provide further insight regarding this option.

I was changing file permissions because I was getting error messages right before my drupal installation. As I was changing them I got kicked out of WINSEP, and I can no log into my Linode on Fedora 31. Any suggestions?

@not_so_sunny If you're ever locked out of your Linode, you can always LISH to get back in:

From there you can correct any permissions issues that were causing the connection trouble.

Just in case you need it, you can also use the following guide to reset the root password of your Linode:


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