How can I install a free SSL certificate to secure my site's traffic?

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I want to install a SSL certificate and secure my website's traffic. How can I accomplish this for free?

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Thanks to the team at Let's Encrypt, you can install browser-trusted SSL certificates on your Linode for free!

Our new Certbot guide on securing HTTP traffic can walk you through a streamlined process that will minimize downtime.

If you would prefer to use our original guide, Let's Encrypt SSL, please see the instructions below:

Webserver Flags

If you are currently running a web server on your Linode, it is important to adjust the certonly command flags accordingly when running Lets Encrypt.


When using the --standalone flag, Cerbot will create a temporary webserver that will try to bind to port 80 to connect. If port 80 is already being used by a web server, the command will fail. To avoid this, you can change the port used or stop your web server temporarily while you run the Lets Encrypt.


Alternatively, can also use the --webroot flag in place of —standalone. This will allow LetsEncrypt to use your currently running web server instead of creating a temporary one.

Linked below is Certbot's documentation with specifics on the two flags:


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