How can I establish good IP reputation?

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How to establish good IP reputation with an IP that has been used maliciously in the past?

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Removing existing RBL listings

First off, you would want to ensure that your IP address has been removed from any RBLs it may have been listed on previously. You can find these RBLs by using tools like the ones linked below:

If you are having issues getting your IP address delisted, feel free to reach out to Linode support via a support ticket for assistance.

Keep your Linode secure

It is always important to ensure that your Linode is secure, so that it cannot become compromised and used for malicious activity. Keeping your Linode secure will ensure that your IP reputation continues to grow, rather than regress.

Properly configure your mail server

If you plan on using your Linode as a mail server, it is very important to configure it properly. This will help with IP reputation.

DNS records that you will want to ensure you have configured:

  • SPF Record
  • DKIM Record
  • DMARC Record

I have included a few links below to assist in configuring these DNS records. The first is a link to our guide on DNS records, and the second is a link to another community post with a lot of useful information.

I'd like to add to this that for Microsoft specifically, there are a few additional things to be aware of:

There is a listing of recommendations from Microsoft which is worth reviewing, particularly the portion on Smart Network Data Services

Microsoft also manages their own internal block list, but will not remove IP addresses/ranges that appear on certain other blocklists such as Spamhaus. A great place to check if your IP appears on any of the major block lists is through MXToolbox:


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