Announcement: Toronto (CA) Data Center Beta

Linode Staff

Hey Linode Community -

We are ready to open the doors to our Toronto, CA data center for beta testing! All customers are welcome to participate (new and existing), but there are a few things to keep in mind beforehand:

  • Block Storage is not currently supported
  • IP Failover is not currently supported
  • IPv6 /116 Pools are not currently supported
    ( But we’ll make sure that you feel supported… 😀 )

So, when can I access the datacenter?

Right now!

Great! How do I sign up?

Simple. Open a ticket titled "Toronto Beta" to request access, and our team will get you added.

Do I need to do anything special to access the new Toronto data center?

Once you receive confirmation that you are successfully enrolled in the beta, "Toronto, CA" will appear in the list of available locations when creating a new Linode from the Cloud Manager. If you would like to test a Linode that you already have active, we recommend cloning the Linode over to our Toronto data center. Alternatively, you can reach out to our Support team to request a migration.

How should I provide feedback or report bugs?

If you encounter an issue while conducting your testing, please open a Support ticket and include a detailed explanation of the problem and steps to recreate the issue (if applicable).

What will happen to my Linodes after the beta ends?

Your Linodes will remain in Toronto 1, data completely intact.

Are beta Linodes free?

During the beta, you will still be billed for the Linodes that reside within our Toronto data center.

We want to thank you for joining us during this exciting period. Enjoy, and please let us know if you have any questions - we’re always here to help!

Happy beta'ing!

- Linode Teams

8 Replies

Great news. Now if you added India I could ditch digital ocean, if you added Australia I could ditch Vultr and if you added Israel or any other Middle East location I could ditch Kamatera and have whole world coverage with linodes :)

We're working on a data center in India, and Australia is on our roadmap! We don't have much else to share, but we've got things in the works that we're sure you'll be excited about.

That’s great news. We have some fairly big projects coming up which need elastic global coverage for non web services.

Linode is at a great cost point so looking forward to being able to move more over to you.

Linode Staff

Our Toronto data center is now available, and so the Beta has closed. Thanks to all of you who participated!

Great! Any updates on Mumbai? I see you added it to the datacenter map with ‘coming soon’ but how soon can we expect a beta?

Linode Staff

Hey @hey (heh), our deployment date for Mumbai has yet to be determined, but it is indeed coming soon. Sorry we don't have more info to share, but stay tuned here and on our blog for announcements.


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