Does linode offer true private networking?

Does linode offer true private networking?
Nodes not in the account cant talk/sniff each other

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We do offer private networking but this only works between servers residing in the same data center. Also, other servers residing in the same data center, that have private IP's for their servers, would also be able to communicate with your server's private IP address. To prevent this from occurring, you can setup firewall rules for your server. We have a few guides that can assist you with this option.

Is there any plan to have true private networking on Linode platform or any sort of overlay network that could be implemented.

@cmg and @xntscript This exact thing is actual in our 2020 Roadmap which was released yesterday on our blog. If you scroll to the bottom of the post, you'll see a small sample of some of the things we have to come next year. Most notably for you, a Per customer network VLAN is listed in the below snippet!

  • NodeBalancer automatic Let’s Encrypt support
  • NodeBalancer PROXY protocol support
  • Instantaneous DNS Manager updates
  • Marketplace for One-Click Kubernetes and single instance apps
  • Linode Kubernetes Engine global availability
  • Bare Metal machines with cloud infrastructure management
  • Managed Databases for production-ready DBs
  • Cloud Firewall to control network traffic to your Linodes
  • Per customer network VLAN
  • Anycast Network for improved routing
  • New data centers to continue supporting global markets
  • Multi-language support for Linode docs & guides including Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese and more

Any update on this
Is "Per customer network VLAN" expected to be rolled out anytime soon ??

Hey @DWACommerce - right now this feature is in Beta testing. If you'd like to sign up for our Beta Program, Green Light, you can test this out and provide valuable feedback. More info about this can be found on our VLAN page!


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