What if someone is using my IP address?

I have a server I use for installing packages onto my linodes. This morning I noticed my installations weren't running to completion. I discovered that another server with a URL I've never heard of has the same IP address as my server. After rebooting my server, the problem cleared up. However, that server is still out there. What do you do in a situation like this? I know I could rebuild my server and thus receive a new IP, but there should be a better way to handle this.


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Hey there, that certainly sounds odd. If you open up a Support ticket we can take a closer look for any issues on our end that might be related. It would be helpful to know the URL of the other server as well.

Otherwise, you can obtain a new IP address for your packages Linode by swapping its IP address with a new Linode by going to the Networking tab and expanding IP Sharing at the bottom of the screen. You can then delete the new Linode after the swap.

Thank you. I'll open a ticket this evening or tomorrow as I'm rather curious about what you may find.


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