Is it possible to use allocated memory and storage for creating a new instance.

I have linode. All storage like 160Gb and memory like 8Gb is allocated to one instance which is running properly and using all storage and memory.

My question is that Is it possible to create a new instance by using existing instance storage and memory like 4Gb and 100GB from existing one.

Please help.

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Hey there,

Linode resources can only be allocated to the Linode's disks and services. You are not able to create a new Linode comprised of unallocated resources from an existing Linode.

What you are able to do is create an additional configuration profile on your existing Linode and create new disks that can be allocated the remaining resources. This means that your Linode will have two separate states to boot into (but won't be able to load both simultaneously).

You also have other options! You can:

Downsize your Linode to a more appropriate size

Create additional disks with the remaining resources and use containers to separate services.

I hope that helps! Let us know if that answers your question!

Tara T
Linode Support Team


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