How do I report a blacklist issue for a li-node subnet?

I host email on my linode server. I have (within the past week) started getting bounces from addresses stating that the SUBNET my server is on has been blacklisted.

I'm an experienced email admin. My servers pass FCrDNS, have SPF and DMARC records, and otherwise pass muster for,, and many other tools… and I'm NOT on any other blacklists (that matter - RFC-Clueless does NOT count).

How do I ask Linode engineers to investigate this with the folks (as far as I can tell, I CANNOT identify the actual subnet definition they're blocking).

Help is appreciated.


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We'd be happy to help with this, and you'll need to open a ticket with our team when you're able to. Microsoft will generally remove an IP from the blacklist within 48 hours if SPF and rDNS records are configured, but we can also reach out on your behalf.

So, head to our ticket page and open up a new ticket. Make sure to include the sending domain along with the bounce message since we'll need those for delisting.


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