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I've received the following error when trying to boot my Linode and I'm not sure how to fix this or why it's happening.

Specified root device does not exist in config profile

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This error happens when a server's root device (typically /dev/sda) has been removed from the Linode's configuration profile. Most commonly this is due to a disk being deleted.

To fix this error you'll need to edit your configuration profile and add a new root device. First, add a new disk by following this guide. Then add the disk to your configuration profile. That is done on the advanced tab of the manager:$LINODEID/advanced

by clicking on the "…" button next to your named profile. Under "Block Device Assignment," add the new disk to a free spot such as /dev/sda, and then under "Root Device" select the disk you just added above.

This is also covered in our Disks and Configuration profile guide.


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