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I have a question about the monthly transfer limit.
As a test, hire 10 nano linode exactly that of 1gb of ram 1 of cpu and 1tb of transfer.
Hire 10 of these nano servers. As I read I understood that being 10 would have a total of 10 tb of monthly transfer. But yesterday my invoice charged me for transfer to exceed 1000 GB.
This email came to me from linode Your account, with the username shareguay, has exceeded the transfer quota threshold for notification. It has used 999GB of 229GB or 436.24%. Being that no linode exceeds more than 100 GB of transfer.
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When considering your monthly transfer pool, you'll want to keep in mind that the allotment that is given for each Linode is prorated for the amount of time that the service is active on your account.

For example, if you've got 10 Linodes on Nanode plans on your account for the full month, you'll have the full 10TB of transfer to use, but if those 10 Linodes are only active for a week, then you'll only receive a week's worth of that transfer allocation.

Another thing to keep in mind is that we charge for services used in the previous month. If you add services at the end of the month, you're only going to have a small amount of transfer to work with until the next full month begins. Based on your description, that is likely what happened here.

You can read more about how our billing works at the following link.



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