Does linode offer some service to protect my origin IP?

I want to host a bigger Minecraft server and a website. I would like to use Linode due to the absolute lowest latency and pricing. Obviously, it will get DDoSed, so I need some protection.

I read a post from like 11 years ago on this site and it says that if your site attracts DDoS attacks, that you will get a strike and after 3 strikes the staff will shut down the Linode.

Cloudflare does absolutely nothing since there is still an origin IP that can be found. I understand that you could just not share the ip, but I need real protection (and I don't want to use amazon).

Amazon provides a service called Cloudfront and then they have a project shield. If I were to host with amazon, would that make it so the only IP that you can use to access the server is through the DDoS protected IP, or is there still a real origin IP of the server that can be accessed from the internet? If Amazon provides something like this, does Linode do that as well? Can I request a quote?

Also, I am aware that uses Linode as their host. How can a site in the Alexa top 1k sites use Linode as a host and not get DDoS attacks, or protect themselves against attacks?

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We've made a few changes to our network infrastructure in the past few years in order to better combat DoS attacks, and in most cases the only Linode affected by the DoS would be your own. We'll only take action if the DoS attack is large enough to affect other Linodes on the same host. However, large attacks like that are rare.

In general there's no need to worry about your Linode needing to be removed unless it's under constant, large-scale DoS attacks. Though, at that point it wouldn't be very usable for Minecraft!

Aside from Cloudflare there's a few other services which can provide DoS protection, such as:



I'm not sure that they'd be cost effective for a Minecraft server, but there are options available for DoS protection on ports other than 80 or 443.

We're also looking into other ways to provide DoS protection for your Linodes. We'll be sure to announce any new services when they're available on our blog.


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