Webserver and OpenVPN on same server

I have set up an Apache web server using the guide and now want to run OpenVPN on the same server. I am following this guide to do it. I am up to the "Configure EasyRSA" part but I noticed that I can no longer access my website. Does this have something to do with the iptables configuration? I have setup iptables using the provided config file in the mentioned guide. How can I fix this? Is it even possible to run a web server and VPN on the same server?


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It's definitely possible to host your web server and OpenVPN on the same Linode.

As I cannot see your Linode's internal configuration, I can only speculate what might be causing the issue so I did some research online to see if I could find some common issues that come up when trying to run them on the same server.

From my research, I've found that in a lot of cases it comes down to OpenVPN and your web server being bound to the same port. That's what I recommend checking first. Here are a couple of guides that I fond which give some good information on this:

Is it possible to use openvpn and apache together?

OpenVPN Client alongside Apache HTTPD


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