Ho do I transfer a linode from my account to another account?

Can I create a linode in my account and after setting it up, can i transfer it to another linode account? Please confirm.

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Yep; when you're ready to transfer the Linode, open tickets in both accounts requesting the transfer. Ownership will be changed without requiring downtime or reconfiguration on your part.

Just to add to what @dwfreed said:

We'll need to have tickets opened on each account, stating the Linode that's to be transferred and the account that is receiving it, or transferring it, and acknowledging if you'd like to transfer any additional services active on the Linode.

With regards to the additional services, an example would be Backups. When a Linode is transferred with Backups, any historical data on those Backups will be available to the new owner.

If everything is present in the tickets, we'll complete the transfer for you so that there's no downtime. If there's anything else we need from you, we'll be sure to respond to the ticket asking for it.


You can now transfer ownership of Linodes using the Service Transfer feature in Cloud Manager, accessible from Account > Service Transfers.

Check out the guide on How to Transfer Ownership of Linode Services with Service Transfers for more details.


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