Delete disk while Linode running?

I used to use the "classic" Linode manager to delete disks, even when my Linode was running, as long as the disks in question were not attached to my Linode's currently-running configuration profile.

The new manager just says "Your linode must be fully powered down in order to perform this action".

Is there a reason for the loss of functionality in the new manager?

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@secrest - Thanks for bringing this up. I was able to replicate this on my end and I see what you're saying. I asked our dev team about this and they are looking into why this is, and tracking it as a potential bug. I don't have a timeline or ETA as to when this functionality will be brought over to the new Cloud Manager, though.

@secrest - Just a quick update: It's actually possible to delete an unattached disk while you're Linode is running if you use the API:

We're still working on getting the functionality added to the Cloud Manager UI itself, though.


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