Where is the default CyberPanel login information?

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I opened CyberPanel but I don't know the email address and password. Where can I see the default Account information?

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I found the default login information in this Installing CyberPanel Guide:

https:<IP Address>:8090 
Username: admin 
Password: 1234567

However, the guide highly encourages (and we do too!) that this password be changed as soon as possible, so you'll probably need to reset the admin password. Check out this guide for help:


If you need access to the Linode's terminal, you can always use our Lish Console to get to the terminal quickly.

Thank you for answering!
CyberPanel Account information has been changed.

What is the initial account information of the mail service called “rainloop” that is installed together?

From what I understand you would create your account info (username and password) for Rainloop by doing the following:

After logging into CyberPanel you should see an option for 'Email' on the left sidebar.

  1. From there you can select 'Create Email > Select Website > Create Mail'

  2. Here you'll be prompted to select your domain and to create a username and password.

  3. Next, select 'Email' from the sidebar, then 'Access Webmail'. This should redirect you to the Rainloop (Webmail) login page.

  4. Here you would enter the account information you created in step 2 to login.

Source: https://blog.cyberpanel.net/2019/03/20/how-to-access-webmail-in-cyberpanel/

This won't work for me.

As for the default password, '1234567' no longer seems to be the case as of March 2021.

After installing this, you have to log into your server via ssh as root and run the command:

cat /root/.litespeed_password


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