Configure a new linode to accept a url

I have a new test linode for testing my application.
A LEMP stack has been loaded and the 'Welcome to nginx on Fedora!' page is appearing when I type in http://ipaddress_of_test_linode.
My application has been loaded into /var/www/mytestapp/public.
How do I now configure this new test linode so that I can get to my test app with some url like

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You may be asking about dns records? If so, there are a couple good tutorials but I don't know if they start at the beginning of the process. I'll include the overview including the first steps at the bottom of this post..

Article explains the Linode DNS Manager and more

Gives and overview of DNS Records

Talks about steps for setting up a domain

The gist of it is this..

  • Acquire a domain name through a domain name registrar (I use 1and1)
  • Add Linode nameservers to your dns at the registrar. You will have to log into your account there at the registrar and change the settings for dns to give it the Linode namservers. That will point your domain name to Linode so when someone wants to find your domain it will end up at Linode where you are. Whoever you go with for a registrar should be able to assist you to edit the dns record there through documentation, phone, or otherwise. These are the Linode nameservers to date
  • After getting a domain name and setting the dns records at your registrar then it is time to follow the Linode articles (links above at top of this post) to create dns records at Linode / in the Linode Manager. I chose to use "A/AAAA Record[s]" for not only the primary domain but also subdomains. You can also (optionally) use C records for subdomains but (I think / not sure) you have to use A/AAAA Record for the primary domain. If you even choose to have subdomains (because there are other options than even having subdomains).




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