how do I move data from one linode to another

I have one linode that was not working properly , and I created a new Linode so i can install all the packages with no error.

now I wanna use rsync to move data from the old linode to the new

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Hey there,

The basic structure of an rsync command is similar to cp and SCP.

rsync -[options] source destination

There exists a large number of options to use with rsync, and many people have their favorite set of options to use when calling the tool.

Thus, rsync is a tool you want to be especially careful with when copying commands from forum posts and other sites on the internet without knowing exactly what they do. You will get the most out of rsync if you take the time to research and experiment a little before using it on your data. You can use our guide on rsync to get started moving your files.

We hope that helps.

Tara T
Linode Support Team


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