How do I fix it: Mails not coming out or not reaching my GSuite email

I am using sendmail in a web form. Mails for some reason are not reaching my Gsuite email, where as they were reaching my personal gmail account.
I tried adding a TXT record in GoDaddy (useless) as it was useful if I was using SMTP and google as the server.

Also, generally, mails in my GSuite are coming in late.

Any ideas help!

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I'm sure you've looked into whether there is a problem with google service, if something is down or under maintenance.

Beyond that, do you need an mx record here at linode? I have no experience with this but have seen mx records come up in the context of email and mail servers before so it's what I think of. You may already know better, or you might want to check into that idea.


Did you setup a rDNS for the mail server?

The MX records are set in GoDaddy that manages the domain.
The problem I feel is that Linode is somehow "blocking" the mail to be sent to my domain, since if I change the mail address to another email, the mail is sent and received. Just when I use an email with my domain, it does not get to my GSuite account. (if another email like gmail is in copy, the mail is received properly).

Just when I use an email with my domain, it does not get to my GSuite account

Have you checked the spam folder?

I have the same issue just after installing SSL with CertBOT.

Did you solve it?

If your domain doesn't have an MX record, there will be no mail sent externally to anyone…no way, nohow.

Generally, to send mail to a Gmail account, your server must be able to prove to Google's server that you're not a spammer. The first step in this establishment of trust requires setting up rDNS on your Linode. See here:

rDNS proves to Google that you are an actual machine and not some 'bot-addled spam factory running on a laptop in Lagos. Comcast is pretty anal-retentive about this as well…you even get a nasty-gram bounce message from them about it if you don't have rDNS set up.

Google also requires that your Linode have an SPF record (as does Microsoft):

SPF tells Google that you're you and not someone pretending to be you.

I'm not sure about Google requirements for DKIM and DMARC but it's always a good idea to set them up so that your server is a good citizen in the email world. DKIM can be tricky but DMARC is relatively straightforward. DKIM & DMARC assure you (among other things) that mail from Google is what Google says it is. That's the other half of the trust relationship…

All of this enables Google to verify the authenticity of messages handled by its mail servers…something that is going to become more of a requirement by the big networking companies going forward. It all sounds pretty esoteric (and some of it is) but as long as Google/Yahoo/Microsoft/Comcast/ATT/etc. own the internet, they get to make the rules. You, as a lowly user, have no choice but to follow them.

-- sw


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