Fail to run installation script, linux, freepbx

i try to installed freepbx on ubuntu 16.0.4 installation goes sucessful after installing i was trying to download and install uce(user control pannel) but it was giving me error "icu is not installed you need to run run yum install icu libicu-devel but when i run this command nothing happed and it was giving me error no icu package no libucu found, i try to update freepbx version then update php version nothing happen, any help would be appreaciated
Thanks in advance.

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The first thing that I noticed is that you are getting a message that asks you to run a yum install command. This strikes me as odd because you're using Ubuntu 16.04. The yum command isn't a command that you would use in an Ubuntu environment.

The equivalent of yum in Ubuntu is apt-get. I recommend trying to install the package with that instead of yum and see what that gives you.

In Ubuntu 16.04, the package that you would want appears to be libicu-dev. So, it's spelled a little differently than you have it in your question. I found the package listed for Ubuntu 16.04 here:

Try using the following commands to install the package:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libicu-dev


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