How To Point Domain To Linode


I have a domain that is brought from go daddy and i want to point to my server. Is there any tutorials or configuration upon that?

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There are two things you'll need to do, one on the GoDaddy side, the other in Linode Manager.

First, you'll need to point the domain to Linode's name servers:


Here's a link to GoDaddy's documentation on how to make this change on their end:

For more information on this, there's this other Community post:

Then, once you've set up the nameservers on GoDaddy, you'll need to create an A record for your domain using Linode's DNS Manager. This Community post outlines the steps needed for that:

Once you have your domain set to point to Linode's nameservers, and an A record to point to your Linode, your site should be up set up to accept traffic. DNS propagation can take a while, sometimes up to 24 hours across the whole internet. If you're not seeing the domain work within a couple hours, I would recommend checking over your DNS record and maybe the documentation one more time to make sure it as set up correctly.


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