Certbot error: Problem binding to port 80

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When attempting to renew my Let's Encrypt TLS/SSL certificate using CertBot, I receive the following error:

Problem binding to port 80: Could not bind to IPv4 or IPv6.

How can I overcome this?

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This is a common CertBot error when using the Standalone plugin (--standalone flag) during the certificate renewal/creation process. In this case, CertBot will attempt to use port 80 to create a temporary web server. You have a few options moving forward.

Temporarily stop your existing web server

To continue using the --standalone plugin, your existing web server must temporarily be stopped. The exact command to do this varies based on your operating system and web server software. Here's common commands to stop Nginx and Apache, respectively:

Ubuntu and Apache: sudo systemctl stop apache2
CentOS 7 and Apache: sudo systemctl stop httpd
Ubuntu or CentOS 7 and Nginx: sudo systemctl stop nginx

Use a different plugin

You can also utilize a different plugin (not --standalone). Here's a list of some additional options:

nginx (--nginx flag): Installs and configures certificate with Nginx
Apache (--apache): Installs and configures certificate with Apache
Webroot (--webroot): Allows you to install and configure a certificate with an already running server

To learn more about these options and any required parameters, visit the respective links above on the official Certbot guide.

Great! Thanks for this solution. Worked like a charm :)


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