Any plans to increase the disks on High Memory instances?

We were planning on deploying a PostgreSQL cluster on high memory instances, but the disk sizes are ridiculously small, and considering the performance profile of internal vs external disks, Block storage isn't an option.

Are there plans to increase the disks available for those instances in the near future?

I reckon 2x at least would make them much more palatable (24GB ram w/ 40GB disk, compared to the current 20GB on the smallest instance), so one would be able to store the live data + one backup, though with not much space for anything else.

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This is really good feedback, and I can definitely see where you're coming from, especially from a speed/backups standpoint.

Generally, we would recommend using Block Storage (or even potentially Object Storage now that it's no longer in beta) for something like this, but you're way ahead of the game. If you feel like mounting an Object Storage volume a shot to see if the speed works for you, we have another Community post that goes over the process:

How do I use s3fs on Linode Object Storage?

That said, I've passed this along as a feature request to our team for review. I can't guarantee it will be implemented or provide a timeframe, but this is definitely worth starting the discussion. If we do choose to implement this, we will most likely make a blog announcement, so the best way to stay informed will be to follow along there.

Thanks for bringing this up. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to send them to We'd love to hear more of your thoughts!


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