How do I install libunistring-devel on CentOS 8?

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I deployed a Linode with CentOS 8. I tried to install the following package:

yum info libunistring-devel
yum install libunistring-devel

Both commands fail because neither could find the package:

No match for argument: libunistring-devel
Error: Unable to find a match

However, this wasn't the case on my Linode running CentOS 7. What's changed, and how do I install the package?

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I found the package libunistring-devel in the CentOS repositories for both CentOS 7 and CentOS 8. What's important to note is the repository from which they are installed. CentOS 7 provides this package in the base CentOS repo, while CentOS 8 provides it in CentOS PowerTools.

So, to install this package on CentOS 8, run:

dnf --enablerepo=PowerTools install libunistring-devel

Though, for the lazy, the CentOS online repository has the same command under the Install Howto section on the package page.


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