Optimize Jetbrains Upsource for a nanode?

I'm just a little ol' one man operation will be doing a few small websites per month for clients. I would like to install and use Upsource on my nanode but I see in their hardware requirements that 8 GB of RAM is recommended

"Have 8 GB of RAM or more"

There is also a piece on adjusting resource limits too though.

I'm guessing the numbers being given for optimization correspond to the figures given in the resource requirements mentioned in the other document? If so, then..

1. Can the thing be expected to run smoothly on a nanode at all?
2. If the answer to the first question is, reasonably, "yes" then what optimization numbers (preferably without guessing) should be used to optimize for a nanode?

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Personally, I have never used Upsource. However, I did look at their prerequisites page, and they do say that you need a minimum of 8GB of RAM to run it:

Upsource Prerequisites

The Nanode's 1GB of RAM is well below that threshold, so there's a good chance that you'll need a larger Linode for Upsource to run at the level you need it to.

I want to link you to a guide that we have which shows you the different plans that we offer, and some really good use case scenarios for them:

How to Choose a Linode Plan

If you want to try the Nanode, I recommend using the 'adjust resource limits` guidelines put forth in the link that you provided. If it works, great. If you run into memory issues, you can resize at any time. A lot of this is trial and error.


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