Looking for feedback on using Kubernetes/containers to manage multiple Wordpress websites

Hi all,
First question here, so be gentle with me! ;-)

We currently manage about a dozen Wordpress small business websites for local businesses, and we are migrating all of our WP websites to Linode.

At the moment we are using a single server hosted with a competitor but not happy with the service or support, and Linode was recommended as a better alternative.

I have been doing some research into Kubernetes and containers in general, and before I get too far down the rabbit hole I thought I would check with you guys to see if anyone is currently using Kubernetes stacks to manage Wordpress websites, and if so how you are finding it with regard to reliability and scalability. What setup do you use, and what setup would you use if you were starting again from scratch?


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This an excellent first question, and a perfect addition to our Community Site because this is the perfect place to get feedback about this from other members of the Linode community who might be using Kubernetes to manage WordPress sites.

Personally, it's not something that I've tried - but you've got me interested so I did some research and I'd like to share what I've found.

First, I came across this blog post that gives a really nice rundown of Kubernetes working with WordPress. I learned quite a bit from it myself:

Running WordPress in a Kubernetes Cluster

When it comes to setting up Kubernetes, we have several guides available. Here's the documentation hub where they can be found:

Linode Kubernetes

Another great resource is the Kubernetes Slack channel. It's great for communication with other Kubernetes users, and you can bounce ideas off of them and vice versa:

Kubernetes Slack


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