i cant login to phpmyadmin

i cant login to phpmyadmin
iam using vestacp

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Hey @getmyneed - I did some research on this, and based on what I'm seeing on some of the VestaCP forums, you'll likely need to change your MySQL root password and then edit your config files to account for the new password.

Per this post:

"You cant change phpmyadmin password, because it not have any password, so, you need reset mysql root password, but if you do it you need modify vesta config files with new password, take advice than easy password for root user is very high security issue"

I found another forum that goes over how to do this:

[SOLVED] How to change MySQL root password

And this post looks to direct you towards your current password:

vesta phpmyadmin password

Lastly, here is one of our Community site posts on how to reset your MySQL Password:

How Do I Reset MYSQL Root Password?

Hope this helps!

but my site is working perfectly but phpmyadmin only not opening


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