How Do I export a zone from Linode in a BIND format ?

It seems the new interface does not allow to export a zone in BIND format or any other format ? The new manager seems to less functionality !

How do we export a zone or two entirely if needed ?


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With APIv4, we've implemented checks when zone files are created for a domain which detects errors for you. Cloud Manager alerts you to the error so that there are no invalid zone files created. The ability to view zone files in Classic Manager was provided as a means for manually reviewing for any issues associated with that zone file, as no checks were being done. As a result of these checks, the review feature in Classic Manager won't be implemented in Cloud Manager.

There is more information about this in the following guide: An Overview of Linode's Cloud Manager for Classic Manager Users. This guide provides overview of a number of changes between Classic and Cloud Manager.

I wanted to provide an update to my earlier comment here. We've continued to receive feedback from our customers about viewing zone files and see the value in providing it. We do not have current plans to add this feature, though we are looking into ways to better provide this information for customers.

As always, we appreciate any feedback customers can give us, either here or via email to

It is a common mistake of junior developers to assume that a feature they provide will only be used in the way they originally envisioned.

Being able to export a zone file was an easy way for us to facilitate communication with some of our partners and now I'll have to copy the data by hand.

To me it's just an other strike against your new interface which already doesn't work with my browser of choice (Brave) and generates security alerts in Firefox (finger printer detected).

I liked it better when you were more professional and less fancy.

Hey there -

We hear you and appreciate the feedback. I've passed this along to the team so they'd be aware of your interest. This is something that we've looked into, are are considering for future implementation.

In the meantime, we have another post that might give you some alternate methods that may be helpful:

How to retrieve/save all DNS records?

It has been more than 1 year since the question be asked, is there any progress on Linode side?
Currently I have domain that has around 100 A/AAAA records, I really need a way to export the zone file, manually export those one by one is not doable.
Not sure why Linode doesn't provide this function, all major DNS providers have this feature.

@OYO We don't have an ETA on this feature at this time. I can understand your frustration and have added your voice to our internal tracker for this feature request.

Reintroducing a useful feature you took away from paying customers should be up there on your list after almost two years. I guess you guys don't eat your own dogfood anymore… What a shame. Can we just get someone to work on this please? Or does this require NSA level resources to pull off?

-Confused Unhappy Customer

You can get all of your records exported by adding the IP to the zone's SOA record's Domain Transfer IPs box and then using dig to dump the data.

Transfer a domain zone

A sample dig command from the page:

dig axfr

(it can take a couple minutes for the axfr# systems to pickup the updated domain transfer ip addresses, if you get Transfer failed on the dig, give it another minute or two).

The output of that dig is very close to a bind format zone file.


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