Rebooting Ubuntu via Command Line ("reboot" command) or via the Cloud Manager


Up until now, whenever I needed to reboot my machine, I used the command "reboot", in my SSH session.

There's also an option to reboot via the Cloud Manager.

Does it matter If I usually use the commmand line way?
Or should I always use the GUI (Cloud Manager), because it does some other operations that are needed?

Thank you

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No… To verify for yourself, log into the cloud manager and watch what happens when you do a reboot now from the command line.

-- sw

Hey there,

@stevewi Is right, rebooting from the command line is the same as clicking reboot from the Cloud Manager. You can use Lish to watch what happens when you enter reboot now.

It makes a difference if you try to shut down the Linode from the command line because Lassie will boot it back up. After all, that's what it's meant to do. You can turn it off, but it's not recommended because if the Linode goes down, it won't be able to bring it back up.


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