Does Linode's Platform Enable Setting a Billing Alert?


Many cloud providers enable setting a Billing Alert for some predefined amount (in Dollars),
so If you know your machine(s) cost X dollars per month, you can set it a bit above that amount, and then receive an email if something happened.

Does Linode have that too?
I searched for it in the Cloud Manager, but couldn't find..

thank you

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We don't have a way to set a specific billing alert, but there are some other notifications you can set up from your Cloud Manager.

You can also open a ticket with our Support team, if you'd like us to alter your credit Limit. We send out a new invoice at the beginning of each month or each time you reach your credit limit—whichever comes first. That might be a way to accomplish what you're trying to do.

Hi Loni

Thank you very much for your answer.

Regarding the other notifications you linke to, in the Cloud Manager,
yes, I saw them, but they are not specifically targetting Billing,
but other things.

Regarding opening a ticket with the Support team for altering the credit Limit - that's exactly it, thank you.

May I suggest that your development team create this as a Feature, in the Cloud Manager, accessible to every user,
instead of having to Contact Support for that.

Other cloud providers enable this, and it is a great way to protect the account for mistakes that can then cost the user a lot, for no real use.

If you can raise this to Linode's management, to consider,
and then If they decide yes, then all your customers will appreciate this small yet really important feature.

Thank you


Thank you for your feedback. I have passed it along to the team for consideration.

We appreciate the suggestions and if there's anything else you'd like to see in the Cloud Manager, let us know or send it to us at

thank you so much :)


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