How can I create Windows .gz file to use on Linode?

Hi, I created a windows linode VPS using this tutorial:, but i use Windows server 2012.

So i just wonder that how can I create my own Windows installation file .gz?

Thank you so much.

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Linode Staff

Since we don't support Windows, you're welcome to install it on a Linode.

You can create.a .gz file on either Linux or Windows. I found some resources that show you how to do it.

To compress a file into a .gz on Linux you'll need to use the gzip command. Here is a tutorial that shows you how:

Linux Gzip Command Tutorial

For Windows, you can follow this guide on Stack Exchange:

Gzip on Windows

If you're just looking to use your own version of Windows, and not the file that you linked above, you should be able to use pretty much any authentic copy of Windows that you want. This guide shows you how to do it.

I hope this helps you accomplish what you need to when it comes to using Windows on a Linode. If I've misunderstood your question or you need more clarification, let me know.

.gz files are platform neutral. Windows 10 comes with both tar(1) and gzip(1):

-- sw


I have followed a similar path as @nht09

I was wondering if such images found online are safe for use…

Unfortunately, I cannot create an image from scratch because my computer won't handle VMs…

Thanks a lot!


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