How does Linode handle rogue processes?

I noticed that on my Arch Linux machine, on Linode, if a process for example makes an endless fork bomb or uses 100% CPU on all threads, that the machine automatically kills the process after some time.

I have Manjaro Arch on my laptop, but there is no automated process killing on my laptop.

So I'm curious, did Linode put something in place to automatically kill processes? Or did Arch come with that pre-configured (which I doubt).

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Linode Staff

Linode doesn't have anything in place that would kill a process on your server. It sounds like your Linode is OOMing. You can check this by reviewing the dmesg log.

I believe this is more a case of what we don't add to our images, rather than what we do, that is causing the Linode to perform differently than you're expecting. Manjaro has built-in features to tune itself to the hardware. Our Arch image is bare bones by design, providing customers the opportunity to customize it to their preferances. I found this guide on the Manjaro forum that covers converting a vanilla Arch install into a Manjaro machine:

[HowTo] Convert Arch based Linux to Manjaro

There's another Community post here that has some basic troubleshooting steps for handling an OOMing situation: My Linode is OOMing


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