My Linode is OOMing

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What should I do? My server keeps running out of memory.

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As a temporary measure, you could resize your Linode to a larger plan which will give you more RAM to work with.

A longer-term solution here is to optimize your processes to run better with the resources available to you. Looking into each part of your stack (PHP, Apache, MySQL, etc.) to see what can be better tuned is probably the best step for you to take. We have a few guides which may be helpful with this:

Tuning Your Apache Server

How to Optimize MySQL Performance Using MySQLTuner

You can also use some common tools like the free, top, and iostat commands to view your server's resource usage. If you'd like to investigate further for yourself, this guide is a great place to start:

Troubleshooting Memory and Networking Issues

If you aren't able to investigate yourself and don't have a systems administrator, you can always reach out to our Professional Services team for a quote to investigate. If you are interested in speaking with them, please go ahead and fill out the scoping form located at the link below and our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible:

Professional Services


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