Outbound Transfer Quota

My Gmail regularly receives mail with the following content:

"Your account, with the username caocuong, has exceeded the transfer quota threshold for notification. It has used 3734GB of 3645GB or 102.44%.

So, what's the problem with my web? Can you explain yourself to.

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The messages you're receiving indicate that your Linode account has gone past its allocated network transfer pool. This can mean several things. If your Linode typically receives a lot of traffic, this may be a normal occurrence for your use case. If you don't normally experience this amount of traffic, you may want to check for signs of a compromise or a misconfigured application. This Linode Community post provides a helpful start for this type of investigation.

You'll be charged $0.01 for each GB of transfer used over the quota; you can consider resizing your Linode to gain a larger transfer quota if this traffic is normal for your use case. I'd also recommend checking out our Network Transfer Quota guide for more information.


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