Turn on linode in the morning...off at night.

I don't need my linode running at night. I'd like to have it boot in the morning and shut off at night. Is this possible?

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Shutting it off at night is easy, you can do that with cron(1). I’m not sure about the other half of the equation.

— sw

Just to add to what @stevewi said, here is one of our guides that goes over how to use the cron utility. If you have more than one Linode, you can use one Linode to set up two cron jobs using API calls to the other Linode.

Here's the scenario:
You want Linode #1 to turn off every night at a certain time and turn back on the next morning, without your intervention.

Here's a possible solution:
You can use the Linode API. Use Linode #2 to set up two cron jobs that each make API calls to Linode #1.

Please, keep in mind that your customer account will continue to be billed for powered down Linodes.

So it appears you can’t turn your Linode on in the morning without another computer. If you don’t want to spin up another Linode just to do that, you can get an API key and write a script to run on your local PC to generate a remote Lassie request to do this.

I did this to update my DKIM key on a regular basis. It’s not too hard and the documentation is pretty clear:


— sw

Thanks! I'll try the remote lassie technique. Just wish there was a native service to do it instead…

@vondalej --

I have an inexpensive ARM server in my living room with an SSD disc that runs Armbian Buster (ARM version of Debian 10). I use it to stage projects for my Linode. It's very low-power and runs all the time. It's about the size of 2 packs of cigarettes side by side. It sits on the LAN side of my router.

It's an 8-core 32bit processor but it runs like a champ…no fans:


It was really inexpensive (the SSD is the most expensive thing in it…the SSD easily cost as much as all the rest of it put together). This is what I use to update my DKIM key using the Linux API. Might be worth a look-see…

-- sw


I have no shortage of hardware to handle this. I've got 2 Jetson Nano's, an RPI4, an atomic pi and and orange pi 3 sitting right next to each other.

I'm just new to linode projects and how to execute them. The only reason I started was to run a gpt-2 chatbot I built for my open auto project in my car as rpi's can't run it fast enough to make it fun and I didn't feel like opening up a server on my network to the internet.


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