email bounce error 'SPF Permanent Error: Too many DNS lookups'

Anyone experience this and have a solution? Thank you in advance.

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An SPF record is mis-configured. See:

If the report was about your Linode, you need to fix this with the DNS Manager. My (working) SPF record looks like this:

v=spf1 a mx a -all

Here's how to decode it:

If the report is about another domain, all you can do is beg the sysadmin there to fix it.

-- sw

SPF records are limited to 10 DNS lookups - I've seen this same error from Gmail.

For example: "" in an SPF record results in a lookup for the IP address of "" - that's 1 DNS lookup.

Including other SPF records ( is another source of DNS lookups.

Check your SPF record and see how many parameters would result in DNS lookups, and substitute IP addresses where possible.

Great answer @andysh! I learned something new today.

-- sw


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