Creating a MongoDB Cluster from the Marketplace

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How can I create a MongoDB cluster when using MongoDB from the marketplace?

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Our One-Click app deploys a basic MongoDB installation. You’re able to modify that installation to fit whatever configuration you need.

Are you trying to make a replica set, or a sharded cluster? A replica set can be thought of as a master-slave multi-database configuration. A sharded cluster on the other hand splits up the data between shards. Shards can be their own database servers or even replica sets. If you're unsure which configuration fits your needs then I recommend taking a look at our guides:

Replica set:

Sharded Cluster:

If you're making a replica set then using our One-Click app should be straight forward. Simply deploy the number of servers you need and then edit their configuration. All of the steps for this process are covered in the guide I linked above. One tip to save time: during the deployment make sure you click the “Private IP” optional add-on at the bottom of the page.

Sharded Clusters can also be made using our One-Click app, but they may require a lot more work to configure. If you want to deploy this type of configuration then I recommend you take the time to fully plan out how you need things to work before getting started with a server deployment.

As a test I deployed 2 Linodes using our One-Click marketplace. After waiting a few minutes for each server to finish deploying I was able to get a basic replica set going in about 15 minutes by following the guide I linked above.


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