How do I migrate my web application to Linode?

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I have built a custom web application on my local Windows PC and want to host it on Linode. What do I need to do?

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In order to determine if you can upload your website, it is first necessary to know the architecture of how it is built.

Some kinds of sites are easier than others to migrate.

Static vs Dynamic Web Sites

If the website consists of nothing other than unchanging or "static" files that are held on web server and handed to clients as they are requested, it should be relatively straight forward to put these on a different server.

If the site is dynamic in nature and generates custom content on each request, then you will need to redesign your site for the new environment ("port") your site and this may be more difficult.

You will need to take an inventory of the exact software that your web site relies on to do its job. If you are certain that all components of your site are platform (i.e. Windows vs Linux) independent then you will need to install the equivalent software on the new server. You will also need to take into account the differences ("caveats') of a web server on Windows vs a web server on Linux.

Server-side processing vs Client-side processing

Some web sites rely on the server to keep track of things using databases or custom programs that run on the server. If this is the case it will be necessary to port those programs to Linux so they can function. How to do so will vary with the program, the language it is written in, and if it makes use of special features only available on one platform or another. Such web sites are not usually good candidates for migrating as this task is not trivial.

If your web site relies on the web client or browser to handle all processing tasks then things are greatly simplified because the code necessary to handle the processing is already stored as files that your web server can just hand out to the client.

For example a if site ONLY uses JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. then it should be possible to transfer the site to a server on a different platform as long as the site does not need the web server to do anything other than serve the files.

I hope that this helps clarify the nature of what you wish to do.

Just to amplify what @hphillips said… If your site depends on .NET or any kind of M$-only technology, it's going to be tough sledding.

.NET exists on Linux in the form of mono. I can't comment on how complete it is or how well it works. mono does include ASP.NET but I have no idea how compatible it is with M$ ASP.NET.

M$ has recently open-sourced the .NET Core SDK and it's available on Linux -- . Again, I can't comment on how well it works or how complete it is.

I did build something on .NET for Windoze once and thought it was an exercise in masochism. C# was relatively easy to learn but navigating all the BS that ASP.NET put around it in order to build dynamic websites was just pure pain. By the time I was done, I had learned my lesson…

-- sw

Hi Guys, Linux fan here…

 So reading your replies... I'm also looking for to port an almost static website (3 pages site from Wix) to a Linode server. (if doable)

The only dynamic part of it is the contact form page - I have made the actual design myself…
Question :
What could be some Web designing tools that would work fine allowing a contact form to be stored in a "database" …or email ?
Anything nocode would be better since I'm not fluent at all in HTML/CSS.

Thanks for any experience !


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