Install a control panel on a currently working VPS

Hello, i'm very new with VPS so at first i installed LAMP and upload my websites. I did everything through terminal, i'm using Ubuntu 18.04, i would like to know if i can install a control panel now (i've already installed apache, mysql and php) without breaking something or having some problem with my websites.

If i can, which free control panel do you recommend me?


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You cannot. Spin up a new Linode and migrate your websites.

Linode Staff

If you want to add a control panel to your Linode, like was mentioned above it is generally not advised to add one to an existing Linux server. There are a few options available to you that I'd like to give you.

The first, you can create a new Linode with your desired control panel and transfer the data over to it using a utility like scp or rsync:

Introduction to rsync

Another option is to rebuild your current Linode and add the control panel to the new rebuild:


Keep in mind that if you use our Rebuild feature, the data from the disks you rebuild will not be retrievable.

If you've not chosen which control panel you want to use, we also have a guide that is designed to help you get pointed in the right direction:

How to Choose a Control Panel


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