How do I write objects to Linode S3 compatible Object Storage using AWS S3 Java SDK

This isn't really a question but more of an W00t! it works kind of post. Only took me a few hours to figure out, mainly due to some bad guesses on URLs and how the AWS SDK works. But very happy to have it working.

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Linode Staff

This is awesome! Figuring out a tech problem is the best feeling :)

Hi @gteichrow
Can you share how did you do it?


AmazonS3 awsClient() {

    EndpointConfiguration endpoint = new EndpointConfiguration(region+"", region);
    AmazonS3 s3 = AmazonS3ClientBuilder.standard()
            .withCredentials(new AWSStaticCredentialsProvider
                                                (new BasicAWSCredentials(access_key_id, secret_access_key)))
    return s3;



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