How to route all traffic of LAN from shadowsocks client(Centos 7) to SS Server?

Use Case :

LAN Users->Switch->Cisco Router->SS Client-> SS Server

LAN Users means nodes of Office
Cisco Router is forwarding all traffic to SS client
SS Client is accepting all traffic but it's not forwarding traffic to SS server

(In this case traffic is going through client but not forwarding to Server but directly from client to Internet)

It is sured that client is connected with server because when i run the following command it gives me IP of Serve in results as below :

curl --socks5

"YourFuckingIPAddress": "",
"YourFuckingLocation": "Mountain View, CA, United States",
"YourFuckingHostname": "",
"YourFuckingISP": "Google Cloud",
"YourFuckingTorExit": false,
"YourFuckingCountryCode": "US"

curl --socks5

"origin": ","
} means LIVE IP of ShadowSocks SERVER

All i want to route all traffic of my nodes to go through SSClient to Server and then Internet.

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It appears from my research that Shadowsocks won't automatically route your traffic from the client to the sever and then to the internet. The reason for this is because Shadowsocks works a little differently than a VPN.

Here's a good description of the differences:

Shadowsocks vs. VPNs — Everything You Need to Know

That being said, I wanted to point you to a post on Stack Exchange that addresses the routing of traffic through a Shadowsocks server, and how it's done:

Can't direct internet through a Shadowsocks server

I hope this points you in the right direction. We'd added some tags to this post to get it a little more visibility to other users who may be more fluent in Shadowsocks.


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