linode not work after resize, although I restore backup

when I resize my disk, and then resize my plan to smaller plan, and then reboot the linode, the ssh doesn't work.
the weblish also not work
although I resize again to a larger plan, and restore the backup before.
the ssh and the weblish is not work too, anyone have same experience and can help me?

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Linode Staff

Hey there -

As I don't have access to your Linode, it's tough to say for sure what could be causing this - but I have some suggestions for you.

The first thing I want to do is pass along the following guide, which will help you diagnose what might be causing SSH issues:

Troubleshooting SSH

I've run into similar situations when working with my Linodes. One thing that I recommend checking are your ports, as your firewall rules may have changed after the restore. The issues you present could be indicative of port 22 being blocked by it. You can run a port scan to check:

nmap -Pn $IP -p 22

(Make sure you substitute your Linode's IP for $IP)

If you get the result that the port is filtered, you'll want to open it with your firewall. Below is a post that shows you how:

How do I Open a Port in my Linode's Firewall?

I hope this helps you out!

Thanks your reply.
However when I launch the console with weblish
it stopped at Kernel Offset.

Linode Staff

Thanks for that additional information. This could indicate a possible issue with your Linode's disk. I recommend booting your Linode into Rescue Mode and running a file system check. I'll attach the guides below:

Booting into Rescue Mode

Performing a File System Check

What that will do is scan through your entire file system to check for any corruption or errors, and then attempt to fix any that it finds.

I have do e2fsck -f /dev/sda
it's seems no problem with 5 pass

Hi There.
I am experiencing the same issue right now and the server I built to host a few website is down at the moment. I am so worry about it.
Is there any update on you issue?
The backup service seems to be useless!



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