How to avoid downtime for Scheduled Maintenance?

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I've been notified that my Linode has a required scheduled maintenance coming up. How can I avoid this downtime?

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Here are two options that you may use to help avoid downtime for this maintenance. If neither of these sound feasible for you, then the support team can configure a migration which you may initiate at a time that works best for you.

  • Clone Linode then Swap IPs
  • Configure a NodeBalancer

Clone Linode

This is a short-term solution that you may use to avoid this particular scheduled maintenance. For starters, you'd want to follow our guide to Clone Your Linode. Once the process has completed, you may Swap IPs between the original Linode and the Clone.

The main thing to keep in mind here is that any data written to your Linode during/after the cloning process will not be on the cloned Linode. However, you may refer to this guide to Download Files from your Linode, or this post to transfer files between Linodes.

Configure a NodeBalancer

This is a more long-term solution that can help you mitigate/reduce downtime all together. Our NodeBalancers allow for a high-availability architecture, serving your content across multiple backends.

If you're interested, this guide can help you Getting Started with NodeBalancers.


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