What's the best way to upgrade the type of Linode's in my LKE Cluster?

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I have an LKE Cluster that is already up and running and I would like to upgrade the types of Linode's that are in my Node Pool. What's the best way to do this? Should I resize the individual nodes or add a new Node Pool?

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You should always refrain from resizing individual nodes from a Node Pool. Instead, you’ll want to add a new Node Pool with the quantity and plan you desire, wait for it to provision, then delete the old NodePool. By doing it this way, the scheduler will gracefully transition your pods to the new Node Pool as the old one is removed.

Additionally, If you know that you are using hostPath volumes, please make sure to backup any important data before deleting a Node Pool. If needed, you can check for this by running the following command.

kubectl get pods -A -oyaml | grep -A 5 hostPath

@mikefisch, could you please shed light on if this is still the case?

DigitalOcean offers the ability to delete a specific node from a node pool: https://www.digitalocean.com/docs/apis-clis/doctl/reference/kubernetes/cluster/node-pool/delete-node/

doctl kubernetes cluster node-pool delete-node "cluster-id|cluster-name" "pool-id|pool-name" "node-id" [flags]

I tried

linode-cli linodes delete NODE-ID

on a LKE cluster, which put the cluster's pool in a bad state: A terminated node that still appeared active according to LKE, taking up 1 of the pool's "count". I had to recycle the pool to remove the deadweight node


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