How to use HA NFS on Linode?

Hi support,
Now i'm setup server on linode 4 server (3 server is completed setup k8s) and 1 server completed setup NFS server.

My issue is if NFS server is crash that mean my k8s cannot access to data and data is loss. Also this situation should implement HA NFS or Linode will recommend to use other solution on Linode.


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Hey there -

For this situation, Block Storage might be an option for you. You can attach it directly to your cluster and even copy your data over to it.

Keep in mind, though, that the Block Storage can only be mounted to one Linode at a time and needs to exists in the same data center as the Linode it will be attached to:

Deploy Persistent Volume Claims with the Linode Block Storage CSI Driver

Hi rgerke,

Thanks for respond. But block storage it's not fix the problem. because it's limit (RWO) also i can't run many POD on multi node.

Also if somebody have any suggestion please let me know.



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