Can't upload filenames with special characters to Linode Object Storage

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I'm trying to upload a file whose name contains @ to Linode Object Storage, but I'm getting a HTTP 403 Forbidden error when doing so.

This should be possible within S3 -- is this possible on Linode Object Storage?

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Yes, you should be capable of uploading files with any filename to Linode Object Storage using aws s3api using the following syntax format:

aws s3api put-object --endpoint --bucket <bucketname> --key 'example@object'

Be sure to replace the following values in the above example with the specifics of your setup:

  • --endpoint should correspond to the cluster endpoint URL of your Linode Object Storage bucket
  • --bucket will be the name of your bucket in this cluster
  • --key will reference the local file that you are attempting to upload -- single quotes around the filename are recommended to avoid special shell interpretations of its characters

You will first need to set up AWS CLI to interact with your Linode Object Storage cluster. Our Bucket Versioning guide has instructions on how to set up AWS CLI.

Our developers are currently reviewing how to incorporate this functionality into Linode's tools for better ease of use, but this workaround should be able to accomplish this goal in the meantime.


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