Use Linode Object Storage with WordPress Media Library

Hello Members,
This is my first question, perdon me if anything is wrong.
I had a EC2 at AWS, where I host my WooCommerce based site and use S3 for storing my image/video files. I am planning to switch here at Linode and want the same configuration here.

I want to know is there any easy to use Plugin for WordPress like "WP Offload Media Lite" which can work seamlessly with Linode Object Storage. I am not a developer but can change basic things in a plugin if properly instructed.

Can anyone help me? I have searched a lot in google but did not find any suitable solution to work with Linode object storage with WordPress.

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Any plugin that works with S3 and allows you to configure the “endpoint”/URL to connect to, should work just fine with Linode Object Storage.

Hi @andysh,

Could you name one such plugin? I am having a lot of trouble finding one that supports generic S3 and not just specifically Amazon S3 or something like that.

Most tools that say they support Amazon S3 actually support any S3 compatible service. Try one or two of those plugins you already ruled out, look for a setting for an endpoint URL, and plug in your Linode Object Storage URL. You will probably find one that works.

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