Use Linode Object Storage with WordPress Media Library

Hello Members,
This is my first question, perdon me if anything is wrong.
I had a EC2 at AWS, where I host my WooCommerce based site and use S3 for storing my image/video files. I am planning to switch here at Linode and want the same configuration here.

I want to know is there any easy to use Plugin for WordPress like "WP Offload Media Lite" which can work seamlessly with Linode Object Storage. I am not a developer but can change basic things in a plugin if properly instructed.

Can anyone help me? I have searched a lot in google but did not find any suitable solution to work with Linode object storage with WordPress.

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Any plugin that works with S3 and allows you to configure the “endpoint”/URL to connect to, should work just fine with Linode Object Storage.


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